Terms of usage:

This is a free service that can be used for painting awesome pictures.
It is forbidden to use it for activities such as spamming or any other illegal purpose in your or our country. We do monitor this service very actively and will take action or shut down the site in case of massive misuse. We do also reserve the right to remove any picture (e.g. due to illegal usage).

Anyhow, we will do our best to keep the service running and do not intend to delete any picture under normal circumstances. This service is provided without warranty of any kind.

If you be nice to us we will be nice to you. Thank you in advance.

Privacy Policy:

Even if we do not want to collect any personal data from users, we need to store your painted pictures due to obvious reasons. We do also store typical usage information such as IP address or browser type for identifying misuse and anonymous usage trends. Please do not use this service for sensitive or secure data!

The good news: We do not intend to (and never will) share any information with 3rd parties.

Please have fun, we like to have you here. Yes, we are good guys too. :-)